Countless research studies have shown that consistent sex is vital for a happy relationship. While many studies usually focus on the importance of daily sex, a new study suggests that weekly sex might be just as effective for maintaining a healthy connection.

Is Weekly Sex Enough For A Harmonious Relationship? 

Recently, the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science published the findings of a study that analyzed surveys taken by more than 30,000 Americans over a period of four decades. The conclusion? For most couples, having sex just once a week was more than enough to satisfy.

According to the study, sex doesn't have to happen constantly in order to stay connected with your partner. Vital connections are forged through avenues other than just sex, and lasting love develops beyond the bedroom.

Frequency of Sex and Intimate Connection Are Important

Weekly Sex May Be More Than Enough For A Harmonious Relationship 2Amy Muise, a social psychologist from the University of Toronto-Mississauga, clearly explained that the findings highlighted the importance of maintaining an intimate connection. Sex should be engaged in as an act of love with the purpose of bringing two people together, as opposed to just satisfying a physical urge. She says that you don't need to have sexy daily, provided that you are maintaining your connection with your partner in other ways on a daily basis.

The survey shows that when it comes to sex, a frequency of about once a week is more than enough to help maintain a couple's love for one another without having to "do the deed" multiple times in a busy week.

More Sex Doesn't Equate to More Happiness

When it comes to sex, "more isn't necessarily better."  This adage can be applied to other things you find pleasure in. For example, you may enjoy a nice ice cream cone once in a while, but if you were to indulge in a second, third, or fourth cone every time, the sweet treat might lose its luster. Indulging in one ice cream cone per week satisfies your cravings without going overboard.

Weekly Sex May Be More Than Enough For A Harmonious RelationshipIn the end, it's all about the reason why you're having sex. Australia's professor of Economics at the Monash University, Russell Smyth, explains that it's all about what men and women want. Women tend to find more happiness with the emotional aspects of sex, while men are usually into the physical aspects of the act. If the sexual act is engaged in for the wrong reasons or with the wrong feelings involved, it could affect the beauty of the sex.

It's important to note that this study did not focus on measuring the quality of life resulting from having sex only once a week; its purpose was only to find out how much sex is actually needed to maintain a happy relationship. 

One of the reasons aiming for sex once a week can be beneficial is simply because it doesn't feel like a chore. An old study on the frequency of sex explained that couples who were asked to double the amount of sex they were having experienced less happiness and joy. Conversely, maintaining a goal of sex just once a week helps eliminate the pressure to have "enough" sex. 

This recent study has proven that more sex is not the only requirement for a happy and healthy relationship; more sex does not equate to more happiness. With once-weekly sex, you can be sure that both partners' needs will be satisfied for the duration of your relationship.

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