It's easy for couples to talk one another out of sexual activity when either party feels tired, sluggish, stressed, unattractive, moody, or is in pain. Ironically, based on the benefits of orgasm, the excuses typically given are actually proven through research to be the right reasons to have sex in the first place! The next time your partner attempts to thwart your advances, simply explain to them why their pain, stress, lack of energy, bad mood or need to go workout actually justify having more sex—not avoiding it. Here are five science-backed reasons to "do the deed" with your lover as often as possible.

The Five Most Important Benefits of Orgasm

Reasons to Have an Orgasm a Day1.  Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the most important benefits of orgasm. Studies show that women suffering from menstrual cramps can experience relief through orgasm. Anesthesiologists have also discovered that when looking into the eyes of their partner, or at photos of romantic partners or very attractive strangers, a subject's pain is dulled significantly. This is enlightening, in that many people use aches and pains as a diversion from sexual activity when it actually helps alleviate pain. So the next time your partner complains of a headache when you try to get physical, tell them you have a cure for what ails them.

2.  Cardiac Health

A good workout gets your heart beating and improves overall health. The same is true of sexual activity, making this another of the great benefits of orgasm. Recent studies indicate that over time, increased frequency of orgasms actually translates to decreased potential for death from heart disease-related events like stroke or heart attack. A study at Queen’s University Belfast reported that you can cut your risk of heart attack in half by engaging in sexual activity three times a week or more. An Israeli study indicates that women who have two orgasms per day have a 30 percent reduction in heart disease versus those who had no orgasms. While sex is proven to be good for the heart, many aging people worry that sexual activity could cause a heart attack. This is generally not true, as typical intercourse is only as taxing to the pulmonary system as a brisk walk. Like walking, the more you have sex, the healthier the heart gets. Unlike walking, sexual activity does not require trendy sports attire, comfortable shoes or braving inclement weather.

Five Good Reasons to Have an Orgasm a Day 23.  Prevention of Cancer

Prostate cancer is a big fear for many men as it becomes more commonly diagnosed among their peers. But now men can use prostate cancer and the benefits of orgasm as a good reason to implore their partners to have more sex. Studies suggest that stimulation of the testicles and quality orgasms may both reduce the potential for development of prostate cancer. In fact, the American Medical Association has reported that men who have 21 or more ejaculations per month have a lower risk of prostate cancer than study subjects who have less than 10 ejaculations per month. Although more research is required for definitive proof of these initial reports, just the suggestion that reduction of prostate cancer may be possible through orgasm is a good reason to jump into bed. When your partner is aware that they possibly hold the power to prevent cancer, how could they turn you down?

4.  Beauty Sleep

Just as the lights are about to go out at night, many people reach for a bedtime snack. Sugary food tends to reduce stress by triggering the pleasure pathways in the brain. Sex does the same thing and improves sleep at the same time, according to research. Unlike those sugary snacks which can lead to skin blemishes and other health concerns like low libido, quality sexual activity actually provides a healthy glow to the skin and helps you appear five to seven years younger, according to a documented study by a clinical neuropsychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. During sex, DHEA, the "anti-aging hormone" is released throughout the body and reaches levels five times above normal levels after orgasm. So, why reach for food that adds weight to the waistline and breaks out your skin? Simply roll over and pay attention to your loving partner to enjoy the benefits of orgasm like stress reduction, deeper sleep, a more youthful glow and the cardiac benefits that no snack can provide.

Five Good Reasons to Have an Orgasm a Day5.  Positive Outlook

Biochemical reactions that occur during sex can actually improve your mood. Neurotransmitters are released during intimate play that enhances your outlook and provides a general feeling of optimism in life. Semen also contains mood enhancers. Beyond the neurological and biological explanations for boosted mood are the social benefits of feeling attractive, loved, desired and connected to another human. While each of the five benefits of orgasm above is a good argument on its own for engaging in sexual activity, overall relationship health is always the best reason to connect with your partner on a regular basis. The more often you and your partner are able to engage intimately, the more connected and in tune your relationship will remain, allowing you both to enjoy health benefits in harmony for years to come.

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