Macabido® is an all-natural formula clinically proven to maintain healthy libido and desire, while also boosting energy levels, enhancing general well-being and helping to soothe stress.

Macabido® is the only product that contains Macaplex®, a concentrated standardized maca extract, in combination with other natural active ingredients known for their ability to help maintain healthy libido and energy levels. Two formulas containing specially selected ingredients adjusted to the needs of men and women further increase the effectiveness of Macabido®.

Four capsules daily is all you need to reap all the libido- and energy-boosting benefits of this remarkable formula. To experience an even remotely-comparable effect from standard maca preparations, you would have to take nearly three times this amount.

Macabido® is available in both a Men’s Formula and a Women’s Formula. A study conducted in Germany provides impressive proof of the positive effects of Macabido® on both men and women.

The large-scale Macabido® study showed that no significant side effects were experienced with Macabido®. During the first three days of taking Macabido®, mild stomach upset was observed in a few isolated cases, but this effect dissipated after a few days.

If you have a known intolerance and/or allergy to any of the ingredients in Macabido®, you should refrain from taking this product.

Macabido® has been shown to help maintain healthy libido and sexual desire, help soothe stress, support healthy energy levels and promote feelings of general well-being.

Anyone who is not satisfied with his or her sex life, and those whose love life is affected by factors such as the stress of everyday life, general weariness, exhaustion and listlessness.

The recommended dose is four capsules daily (two in the morning and two in the evening).

Although for some individuals a significant improvement will be experienced after only a short time, Macabido® achieves its full effect after about two to three months.

Macabido® can be taken safely as a long-term solution, as it is non-habit-forming and non-addictive. Macabido® may also be taken over a period of three months as a temporary solution, and then repeated as often as necessary after the desired effect has diminished.

Most users experience an increase in energy and libido within the first two weeks of taking Macabido®. Individual results may vary.

Macabido® is the only maca formulation currently available that has been tested on humans in a clinical study.* In the course of this study, two things were established: Macabido® actually works (with a success rate of 92%) and no significant side effects should be expected from taking Macabido®.

*Many manufacturers claim that their product has also been clinically tested, however these tests have been carried out exclusively on animals (mice, rats and rabbits); therefore, no positive effects on humans should be inferred from them.

Purely and simply because it works. And this is not just what our satisfied customers say – this fact was also quite impressively and unequivocally demonstrated by the large Macabido® study.