Lack of desire at any age can be caused by a myriad of factors; hormonal, physical, psychological, emotional, or a combination of these. As long as a medical condition isn’t stopping you from enjoying a healthy sex life, the best and safest way to maintain healthy sexual desire is naturally.

Unlike other products that address only physical symptoms, Macabido® works to balance many different aspects of desire and arousal, encouraging healthy libido while also boosting energy levels, soothing the stress that can contribute to low libido, and supporting overall health. Macabido® can help you regain the feelings of passion and desire that make lovemaking so enjoyable in the first place – naturally, without the risk of uncomfortable side effects.


No matter the cause, lack of desire affects men and women very differently because, as new research shows, men and women experience sexuality differently, both physically and psychologically. When it comes to sexual needs and arousal, men are primarily visual, while women’s feelings and emotions come more into play, as do the circumstances surrounding that special moment. The differences between men and women hold true, possibly even more so, on a physical level.

Because of these inherent differences, it’s impossible to address lack of desire with a one-size-fits all approach. Macabido® is the only formula that combines specially-selected medicinal plants and nutrients with Macaplex®, an ultra-potent standardized maca extract, in two unique formulas tailored to the specific sexual needs of men and women.


Macabido® Men’s Formula is specifically designed for the sexual needs of men, with all-natural potency-enhancing ingredients that increase sexual desire, stamina, and performance while reducing stress and boosting overall energy and vitality.

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Macabido® Women’s Formula is specially-tailored to a woman’s sexual needs, with ingredients that increase desire and heighten sexual pleasure naturally, while also supporting healthy hormonal balance, reducing stress and boosting energy levels.

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