A recent 2015 study by Jonason and a team of researchers revealed the top 17 deal breakers in a relationship. Not surprisingly, low sex drive ranked near the top.

It's a situation nobody wants to find themselves in: You have what seems to be the perfect partner, but when it comes time to consummate the relationship, the mood just isn't right due to an apparent lack of sex drive on their part. In our fast-paced world, many overlook the crucial need for a strong libido and active sex life. Without these, it is very difficult to maintain a serious, long-term relationship and for many, low libido is simply a relationship deal breaker.

Your partner may be perfect in every way, but if it isn't happening between the sheets, all bets are off. In fact, an astonishing 33 percent of people in a committed relationship cited low sex drive as a reason for ending the relationship.

Understanding Relationship Deal Breakers

Low Sex Drive is a Common Relationship Deal Breaker 2A combined study by some of the nation's top colleges found that women have more relationship deal breakers than men. This is purportedly due to the fact that women have a higher stake in a relationship than men, since they are the ones who get pregnant and need to choose a man who can help them raise a child. Although this theory might be misguided and seems to be based on conjecture, the fact remains that women have more criteria for choosing a mate than men. The study also shows that the more worthy a person deems themselves, the more deal breakers they have.

The Difference Between Men and Women

According to men, a low sex drive in their partner is one of the biggest deal breakers, while for women, bad sex was at the top of the list. Apparently, neither men nor women are willing to stick around if the sex isn't there. It's helpful to note, however, that the studies primarily examined college-age men and women, so the statistics may play out differently with older age groups. There will always also be unique individual deal breakers. For example, some women might not like men who wear Birkenstocks while other women may love them. The study's goal was to attempt to identify traits based on what a normal, well-adjusted adult would consider a valid reason to end a relationship.

Other Top Relationship Deal Breakers

Studies notwithstanding, AskMen.com offers a list of the top ten reasons men may be inclined to end a relationship and walk away guilt-free. Truthfully, these deal breakers can apply equally as well to women who are looking to end a relationship. Among the list of relationship deal breakers are not backing up your partner in public, flirting with other people, lying, and the biggest deal breaker of all: Cheating. If the woman or man you are with has a low libido when with you, but directs sexual energy to other potential partners, it's also a sure sign you need to move on or examine whether your own low libido may be what caused your partner to stray in the first place.

Fixing a Low Libido

Low Sex Drive is a Common Relationship Deal BreakerThe good news is that there are several things you can do to mend a low libido. Supplementation with medicinal herbs like maca, in conjunction with lifestyle changes, can greatly affect your libido, whether you are only having difficulty getting your sex drive started, or just don't have a sex drive to begin with. A vanishing sex drive isn't uncommon; according to Rebecca Amaru, MD, it's a common problem that she sees in women as young as 30. 

If you're suffering from low libido, the first step to determining the cause is to get checked out by your doctor in order to rule out any potentially life-threatening issues like diabetes, medications or an illness. Often, the root problem can be easily treated with over-the-counter medications. Stress can also be a major contributing factor to low sex drive. Many people who are married begin to fear that if the sex drive doesn't return that the relationship is doomed. While this may be true if low sex drive is the result of one of the many relationship deal breakers, it's not generally a death knell for an otherwise healthy relationship. Luckily, a low sex drive is something that can often be fixed by simply taking the time to find the right combination of supplementation, lifestyle and dietary changes.

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