Clinically Proven to Boost Energy and Libido
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    Clinically Proven to Boost Energy and Libido

A Message from Dr. Gerd Jansen, MD
Dr. Gerd Jansen

As a gynecologist, years of clinical work with patients made it evident that many women are unsatisfied with their sex lives and experience low libido – and frequently, their husbands feel the same way! The stress and pressure that we have to cope with in our daily lives affects not only our physical health but also our psyche, both of which can lead to low libido and lack of energy. Research shows that our libido, the desire to love and be sexually active, starts in the mind.

Why do so many complain that they are too “tired” for love?

If we are under constant pressure to perform, and also feel worn-out and exhausted physically, we usually don’t have a “mind” for love, and our libido suffers. It’s a vicious cycle! That’s where Macabido® can help.

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