When most people hear the term intimacy, they think about physical intimacy. The truth is that intimacy goes beyond just sexual closeness; emotional intimacy is just as, if not more, important as physical intimacy. Some couples have great sex, yet eventually, break up after some time. Often, this is because they forgot about emotional intimacy. Ignoring the importance of emotional intimacy in relationships leaves the relationship or the marriage cold, lonely and tedious. Emotional Intimacy

The sad fact is that emotional connection between couples has diminished to a great extent today. A large percentage of couples are not happy anymore and most are just holding on for the sake of their children. And as you know, a relationship that is silent and angry is unbearable. This is where cheating comes in and if it continues, leads to divorce.

What is Emotional Intimacy in Relationships?

This is the degree to which two people share a unique, compassionate and loving bond between one another. It is all about connecting on an emotional level as compared to a physical level.

What is the Importance of Emotional Intimacy?

Emotional intimacy brings several changes in a relationship and marriage that will make a partner decide to stick with the relationship. Here are the various benefits of developing emotional intimacy in your relationship:

You Tolerate Challenges Better

Connecting on an emotional level gives you the ability to work through challenges irrespective of your differences. Challenges in a relationship are inevitable, which means you have to find a way to handle them. Most couples go their separate ways because they fail to successfully handle challenges. An emotional bond makes you understand that you can rely on your partner for emotional support, which is essential when it comes to resolving problems.

You Have Realistic Expectations

Most couples have unrealistic expectations. At the end of the day, they find that their expectations haven’t been met and they become disappointed. Emotional intimacy allows you to establish realistic expectations. It creates space for both you and your partner to accept each other’s limitations and support each other. You will be able to better accommodate for what you aren't receiving from the other partner. This builds an element of trust, tolerance and creativity. At the end of the day, both of you enjoy a rewarding environment whereby you know what to expect from your partner.

It Increases Respect Between the Two of You

Emotional intimacy in relationships helps you give and receive respect from your partner. Respect comes in handy when you are faced with a conflict. Lack of respect leads to a bitter exchange of harsh words with no one willing to accept their mistakes. Respect allows you to consider the other partner’s sentiments and help resolve the conflict amicably. An emotional bond helps develop respect, which is vital in resolving conflict between the two of you.

Spontaneous Fun is within Reach

Emotional IntimacyForced fun is the worst form of fun that a couple can have. When fun becomes planned, it ends up being boring and lusterless. You will pretend you are having fun, yet it isn't really that way. Emotional intimacy in relationships creates space for the two of you to do things spontaneously in a fun way. Emotional connections help you connect in a more natural way. Fun will come to you naturally and you won’t strain to enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Both of you can let loose and have fun at any time.

Enjoy True, Authentic Communication

Emotional intimacy allows you to really listen for true understanding. You will be able to listen to your partner and understand their point of view from their perspective. This creates a platform for you to communicate better and listen to each other more. A breakdown in communication is one of the reasons that marriages fall apart so quickly and easily. When you know when to listen and when to talk, you find it easier to get through to your partner. Intimacy creates a platform for real, genuine communication.

Creates Authenticity in Your Relationship

When you connect on an emotional level, you don’t withhold anything from your partner. You will instead have a real and realistic engagement with each other. You will have a relationship based on true feelings rather than pretense at all times.

Boosts Your Physical Health

Stress is one of the reasons that people have poor health. When you are happy with your relationship, your body releases oxytocin, which improves your mood. A happy existence promotes bonding and solidifies your relationship. This also boosts optimal health. Emotional intimacy in relationships prevents suspicion, jealousy and a heart for revenge. You will enjoy health benefits of balanced energy, stamina, healthy libido and healthy sleeping patterns. Better sleeping promotes good health.

Always strive to connect with your partner on an emotional level. Physical intimacy is also important, but when you combine it with emotional bonding, you stand to sustain a much longer, happier and healthier relationship.

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