Nothing is more relaxing than a glass of wine after a long day. However, new research shows that not only will it help you to relax, but it will also boost your sex drive. Generally, alcohol is used to help lighten a mood; If used moderately, it aids in letting go of insecurities and inhibitions while putting your sex drive into gear. While most alcohol helps with this, wine has a few somewhat special qualities that will make it your new favorite aphrodisiac.

Why Wine Can Boost Your Sex Drive

Alcohol contains ethanol, and once this gets into the body, it stimulates a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a primitive part of the brain that regulates basic human functions. This means that when we drink wine, our body temperature rises, hormone levels get higher, and our libido flourishes. sex drive, wineStudies have recorded that those who are moderate drinkers of wine—specifically red wine—have a greater sex drive than those who aren't. The researchers attribute this to the fact that red wine has the ability to increase blood flow, and even the color red attracts men and women because of its association with all things sexy.

This brings up the number one reason that wine can boost your sex drive: the senses. Not only does the sight of the color red turn us on, but the taste and smell engulf us. The presence and taste of amines, organic compounds like histamine, tyramine, spermidine, putrescine and serotonin, work as aphrodisiacs in foods like chocolate and drinks like wine because they have properties that correlate to alertness and increased sex drive. Smell kicks in through the olfactory memories. These strong and long lasting memories subconsciously bring us back to happy moments of the past. Wine is filled with these great aromas that instantly put us into a good mood, increasing the likelihood that we will be ready for some action.

Men and Wine

Research from Nutrition Journal discovered that a compound in red wine could help increase levels of testosterone circulating in the body, a hormone that can boost your sex drive. The aromas that really tend to arouse men are caramel, butter, orange, lavender, licorice, spice and vanilla. So naturally, wines that commonly have these aromas are sure to be most attractive to men.

Women and Wine

Wine is already one of the drinks that women are most likely to order and enjoy, and when they drink wine, they are in a state of comfort and ease. For women, drinking wine triggers fond memories and acts almost like foreplay. This in combination with the fact that wine contains antioxidants (polyphenols) that are responsible for increasing sexual desire in women, makes it an aphrodisiac that women really appreciate. Like men, there are certain aromas to a wine that attract them to a glass including: musk, earthy, woody, licorice and cherry.

Physically, wine facilitates a chain reaction through the brain, body and senses that cause us to relax and live in the moment with our basic instincts. The key to allowing wine to take over our sex drives is to drink moderately and slowly, swirling and relishing every sip.

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