As the years pass, many couples inexplicably find themselves in a nearly sexless marriage and are often left wondering if the spark has disappeared for good. While it’s easy to blame your libido when it comes to less frequent sexual activity, there are many other possible reasons for low sex drive symptoms.

You're Exhausted

Not Enough Sex, Sex DriveYou commute to work and then spend eight hours a day stuck behind a desk, listening to your coworkers complain about your boss. You have housework, volunteer work and of course children waiting at home as soon as you step into the door. Your life is jam-packed with activities from sun up to sun down and by the time you hit the bed, you are exhausted. And guess what? Your spouse is engaged in the same routine of maintaining a busy, duty-packed life.

Physical exhaustion is possibly on of the most common reason for low sex drive symptoms. To help ensure you have the energy to tango with your partner at night, step back from some of your optional responsibilities on occasion. Remember to prioritize and make your partner as important as the other duties that constantly require your attention.

You're Stuck in a Sexual Rut

Do you remember when you were young and sex used to be fun? You’d meet your partner at the door in a negligee and sexy time would begin before dinner was even served? Those times are long gone. Now your routine consists of getting the children to bed, double- and triple-checking that the children are fast asleep and finally getting the deed over as fast as possible before the youngest awakes and asks for a cup of water. Sexual ruts are a part of a long-term relationship and can contribute to low sex drive symptoms, but thankfully, there are multiple ways to break them. Browse an online sex toy store and talk about products you might like to use with your partner and even order a few. Watch a few porn videos or talk dirty to each other. Send a sexy picture to your partner’s cell phone during the day when they are away.

The Bedroom is a Workplace

Not Enough Sex, Sex DriveAs technology has increasingly taken over our lives, it has completely overtaken our bedroom and can be a prime cause for low sex drive symptoms. Laptops and smartphones invade our personal space and the responsibilities that go with them tag along. The bedroom is no longer a place of rest and relaxation, but an extension of our workplace. You need to return the bedroom to its original purpose—a place to sleep and a place to have intimate relations with your partner. As difficult as it may seem, you need to leave the technology behind when it's bedtime in order to fully concentrate and enjoy your time in bed.

You Don’t Like Yourself

As we age, it’s easy to fall out of love with yourself. Perhaps you’ve gained weight or you noticed a few extra wrinkles in the mirror. Low sex drive symptoms can result. As you start to dislike your body, you may choose to express that dislike by no longer pursuing sexual relations with your partner. After all, if you don’t like you, how can they? This is a hard task for most people, but you need to learn to love yourself again. Start by pampering yourself. Find clothes that fit and flatter your current body and form. Try on a new pair of heels. Make the time for that manicure you’re always putting off. As you invest in yourself, you will notice your self-esteem will rise and you will regain your confident, sexy vibe.

Check Your Medicines

There’s a medication out there for almost any ailment—from infertility to calming acne to treating depression. Any medication you take can have a possible effect on your sexual needs, contributing to low sex drive symptoms. For example, a birth control pill may lower your ability to produce lubrication during sex, while certain antidepressants may completely obliterate one’s desire for sex. In this situation, you need to talk to your doctor about alternatives to your current prescription. Every medication you take from over the counter to doctor prescribed should be carefully considered.

Discuss Low Sex Drive Symptoms With Your Partner

With a little bit of thought and discussion with your partner, you may be able to re-light the spark of your desire and once again indulge in mutually enjoyable sexual activity. Whether you are currently in a sexless marriage or are simply getting just enough sex to satisfy, there are multiple options out there to get your bedroom activities back on track.

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