It's a long-held belief that women are not as interested in sex or that sex becomes less enjoyable as they age, but that belief is nothing more than a myth. In fact, women over 50 enjoy wonderful, healthy sex lives even after menopause. Want to know the truth about sex after 50?  Here are seven reasons why sex doesn't have to end (and often gets better) after 50.

1.  More Financial Stability

Money is often the root of all evil, and it may also be the root of a less-than-perfect sex life. Couples in their 20s, 30s and 40s are often consumed with the task of making their mortgage payments and saving money for retirement. However, in their 50s, women can often begin to see the benefits of their endless saving. At this point, their homes may be completely paid off and they often have a bit of disposable income to play with. With sex after 50, sexy lingerie, romantic getaways and new experiences become more attainable.

2. Pregnancy is No Longer a Concern

Though it's been said that women reach their sexual peak in their early 40s, many mothers argue this. In fact, a vast percentage of women in their early 40s are still raising their children and are still in the midst of menopause, during which there is still a chance that they can conceive a child. These days, women older than 50 speak of the liberation of menopause and how they can feel free to explore their sexuality without the fear of becoming pregnant. No more IUDs, birth control, pads and tampons leads to better, more frequent and more enjoyable sex after 50.

3.  Fewer Interruptions from the Little Ones

Sex After 50For some women, the fear of being interrupted by their children in the middle of coitus is enough to keep them on edge. Time is a major factor for all women, particularly when it comes to reaching orgasm, and any interruption can put a damper on an entire lovemaking session. When the children have grown and are more independent, there are fewer interruptions. Fewer interruptions (and less fear of interruption) leads to more orgasms, which in turn leads to a higher libido and a better sex after 50.

4.  They Know What They Want

By the time they've reached the age of 50, women know exactly what they want in the bedroom and aren't afraid to ask for it. For many women, menopause is a real eye-opener. It forces them to consider their ages and, ultimately, their mortality. As such, 50-something women seek the things they want after realizing that raising children and managing a career has led them to put their sex lives on the back burner—often for years. At this point, it isn't unusual for a woman to explore new things since she feels emboldened and secure with herself.

5.  Their Libidos May Increase

More often than not, women (and men) are taught that their libidos will wane after menopause due to changing hormone levels. Something to consider, though, is that women who have been taking birth control pills prior to menopause have already had a decreased libido. Studies have shown that birth control pills can significantly drain a woman's libido, and that when she stops taking them, her libido could come back to life—even in her 50s. What's more, if libido is the problem, medical treatments and hormone management can certainly help.

6.  There is Plenty of Help Available for Sex After 50

Menopause can certainly take its toll on the female body, and it is notorious for causing vaginal dryness and sometimes even pain during sex. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there that specialize in lubricants that can make things better and more playful. While there are certainly plenty of traditional water-based lubricants like Astroglide or K-Y, there are some that act as vasodilators. In essence, they make sex feel better. New medical treatments for painful sex are also available, and these are designed to help rebuild vaginal tissues after menopause.

7.  There is Plenty of Help for Partners Available, Too

Sex After 50There's nothing more frustrating for a post-menopausal woman who can have sex whenever she wants to and have a partner who is physically incapable of performing. Erectile dysfunction is more widely discussed today than ever before, and men are more comfortable than ever before with discussing their issues with their doctors. This means that the couple can work together to achieve the best sex life possible, and it also means that men may be more willing to experiment with vibrators and other enhancers in order to provide a more satisfying experience to their partners.

Women who believe that sex after 50 leaves something to be desired should certainly think again. In fact, according to many women, 50 is actually the new 40 and the time when women tend to explore their sexuality more than ever before. It can be fun and exciting for singles or couples to discover new things and take their sex lives to new heights.
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