Extensive study of the 2000-years of medical history relating to the Peruvian root maca, coupled with knowledge of its effectiveness and application in natural medicine today, inspired scientists to harness its amazing aphrodisiac properties in a modern remedy to address the sexual concerns so rampant today.

The result? Macabido®. Macabido® combines Macaplex®, a potent highly-concentrated extract of Peruvian maca root, with specially-selected medicinal plants and nutrients also known for their ability to support healthy energy levels, libido, and sexual health, in two unique formulas tailored to the specific sexual needs of men and women.

In a recent clinical trial, the results were amazing – a whopping 92 percent of participants who took Macabido® reported an increase in libido! In addition to supporting healthy sexual desire, pleasure and desire-related performance, Macabido® was also shown to support healthy overall energy, stamina and mental focus, and even to offer tremendous support for the immune system.

Maintains healthy libido and libido-related sexual performance
Supports healthy levels of sexual desire and pleasure
Helps maintain overall healthy energy levels
Improves feelings of general well-being
Revitalizes the body and supports a healthy immune system
Soothes stress


Maca was cultivated in South America as early as 2000 years ago; in fact, evidence of the first maca plantations go back to 1600 B.C. Even then, this Peruvian tuber was regarded by the Incas as a “miracle remedy” for supporting healthy female and male sexuality and overall energy and stamina. In fact, maca was so special, its use was reserved exclusively for members of the royal house. Inca soldiers were allegedly given maca before they went into battle to make them more fearless and brave. As soon as a city was conquered, the warriors’ supply of maca was quickly withdrawn in order to protect the women of the conquered enemies from the heightened libido of the soldiers. After conquering the Inca Empire, the Spaniards found that their livestock did not prosper in the Peruvian highlands, yet they repeatedly encountered extraordinarily healthy indigenous children and adults on these barren plateaus. When asked what their secret was, the native people recommended maca to the Spaniards. Soon the conquistadors discovered that not only did maca cause the livestock to thrive, but the Spanish people as well. Its significance was recorded by the chroniclers, and from that point on the Spaniards demanded that tribute be paid in the form of maca root instead of gold, as had been customary until then. As maca became the natural aphrodisiac and energy-booster of the Spaniards, it also became their most valuable merchandise; they exported maca to Europe by the ton. Due to its supportive effect on healthy energy levels and healthy libido, maca has been a firmly-established Peruvian remedy for thousands of years.