Whether your testosterone levels are considered "high" or "low" can be an individualized thing. What are low testosterone levels for one man may be considered just fine for another. Adequate testosterone improves your sex life, your relationships and can even change the way your body looks. Having enough testosterone is important for your all-around mental and physical health. Because testosterone levels are related to libido, a lack of sex drive can be one of the first symptoms of low testosterone.

Low Testosterone and Sex

Researchers have been trying different ways to increase a man’s libido via increasing his testosterone levels. While researchers aren’t sure exactly what causes low testosterone, they do know that low testosterone levels can affect libido and desire for sex, and conversely loss of desire for sex can be one of the symptoms of low testosterone. But having more sex actually increases your testosterone level. So what can you do to increase your libido and your testosterone levels? Here are some things to consider.

Causes of Low Libido

Libido, simply defined as arousal, can be affected by many things in life besides low testosterone. Some of the main causes of lack of desire for sex include:

• Age
• Obesity and metabolic syndrome
• Diabetes
• Lack of sexual activity
• Diet
• Depression, anxiety and mood
• High blood pressure
• Insomnia
• Prostate and penis problems

More Sex Equals More Testosterone

Sex, TestosteroneSome people think that having sex depletes testosterone. On the contrary, studies have shown that the more sex a person has, the more their testosterone levels increase. Many men have the idea that excessive masturbation causes their testosterone levels to be lower. Research has shown that this is not true. In fact, in addition to being one of the symptoms of low testosterone, lack of sexual activity is one of the primary causes for low testosterone levels.

Researchers studied the testosterone levels of men who had recent sexual activity. They measured testosterone levels in men who had sex the day before and discovered that their testosterone levels actually increased rather than decreased. It seems the more sex a man has, the more testosterone they have, and the more they want to have sex.

Improving your health can also increase your testosterone levels. Reducing your blood pressure, losing some weight and getting some exercise will improve your mood, your energy levels and your health, which will, in turn, improve your libido and will most likely increase your testosterone levels as well.

Sexual Dysfunction: One of the Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Many men suffering from erectile dysfunction may believe that they have the problem because they are sexually worn out. But the lack of sex actually seems to contribute to the lack of testosterone for unknown reasons. So the less you have sex, the less you can have sex. Taking a medication for erectile dysfunction increases the nitric oxide in a man’s bloodstream, which improves the amount of blood flow to the penis. More blood flow equals a better erection and more satisfying sex. And, as pointed out before, the more sex you have, the more your testosterone increases.

How to Raise Your Testosterone

Sex, TestosteroneThe simple answer to how to raise your testosterone is to have more sex. Having sex is good for you. It raises your testosterone levels, increases circulation, keeps your arteries from hardening, improves your mood and makes your relationships better. If you really can’t have more sex due to sexual dysfunction, a trip to the doctor may be in order. Make sure your body is in proper working order to have healthy sex. Your physician can help you be healthier so you can have better, more satisfying sex. Health conditions such as high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome and diabetes ruin your general health and decrease your ability to have a safe and healthy love life. If you are healthy you will have good sex and a higher testosterone level. Your doctor can also prescribe you a PDE5 inhibitor that will increase your testosterone level, enabling you to have more satisfying sex and increase your testosterone level as well.

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