One of the most common challenges that couples can experience is a lack of fireworks in the bedroom, which can quickly lead to trouble in paradise. For many people, it can be difficult if their partner is lagging in the bedroom and not interested in getting frisky during the week. Some may doubt their sex appeal or physical attraction while others can become frustrated and distant. Although it may be difficult to find the underlying cause among the myriad of low libido causes, there are a few common reasons why your lover may have lost his or her libido.

The Most Common Low Libido Causes


low libidoOne of the most common low libido causes is stress, which can be accredited to a new baby, work, or personal issues. Stress affects hormone levels and can cause restriction of arteries, which leads to reduced blood flow. Stress can make it difficult to maintain peace of mind and can cause your partner to be distracted. Stress can also lead to depression, another of the common low libido causes, which can lower the libido due to certain medications that may be used to treat the disorder. For those who want to reduce their anxiety and improve their sexual performance, it's important to exercise each day, which will release endorphins and can naturally improve mood by relaxing the mind and body. Meditation can also work to reduce stress levels and clear the mind for a more relaxed state that makes it easier to become aroused.

Hormone Imbalance

A hormone imbalance in women will have a direct impact on the libido and can also be linked to menopause or PMS. Hormone imbalance can make it difficult to become aroused, achieve an orgasm during sexual intercourse, and can even cause pain during sex. Several treatment options are available, with estrogen one of the primary forms. The estrogen may be inserted directly into the vagina as a tablet or cream. Maca and muira puama are herbs that can also be taken in supplement form and are known to help maintain healthy hormonal balance while also boosting the libido and increasing energy levels. Herbal remedies can make for a safe and natural way to increase your partner's sex drive without any harmful side effects. Maca root may help maintain healthy hormone balance in part because of its high iodine content. Muira puama is also known to not only boost the libido, but also may enhance sexual experience by promoting stronger orgasms in women.

Erectile Dysfunction

low libidoErectile dysfunction is one of the most common low libido causes and affects approximately 30 million men in the U.S. and can make it difficult to have or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Almost half of all men will suffer from the condition by the age of 40. For those who have ED, it can cause a lack of self-confidence and make it even more challenging to perform sexually. Fortunately, the condition can be treated with a number of medications that work primarily to increase blood flow. Men can also undergo testosterone replacement and erection-inducing injections. A few natural treatment options include taking 600 to 1,000 mg of red ginseng each day, or taking an L-arginine supplement that may help promote healthy sex drive and arousal. Zinc is another supplement that can be taken to benefit male arousal, as it supports healthy testosterone levels in the body. It's reported to be beneficial at a daily dosage of 25 mg to 50 mg.

Low Testosterone Levels

low libidoWhen men have testosterone levels that fall below 300 nanograms per deciliter, it can make it difficult to perform sexually. The decline in testosterone production joins the other low libido causes, because it can cause low sex drive, an increase in body fat, difficulty achieving an erection, mood changes, hair loss, and fatigue. There are several tests that can be taken to determine if low testosterone levels are the cause of a reduced sexual drive. There are also several treatment options available to boost testosterone levels, such as testosterone replacement therapy.  This can be administered as an injection, via gels, as a patch, or by placing a tablet under the top lip. Healthy testosterone levels can also be maintained by losing excess weight, which can gradually increase testosterone levels.  Sugar consumption should also be limited, as glucose decreases testosterone levels.

Prescription Drugs

There is a long list of prescription drugs that can reduce your partner's sex drive if taken regularly. Birth control pills affect approximately 15 percent of women's sex drive, due to the globulin they contain. Other drugs that have the same effect include medical marijuana, opioid painkillers, anti-seizure drugs, beta blockers, and anti-depressants. It's important to limit or lower the consumption of non-prescription libido-killing drugs while also speaking to a medical professional about their possible effect on your partner's libido.

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