Getting regular exercise is a great way to elevate your mood and keep you fit, but did you know it can also be a welcome boon for low libido? Exercise serves to heighten body awareness, helping you to experience a closer sensual relationship with your own body. And when you feel better about your body, you're more likely to be in the mood for physical intimacy.

If you are one of over 65 percent of women who suffer from low libido, instead of hitting the treadmill or signing up for that yoga class, consider trying some sexier fitness activities that will not only burn calories but also help put you more in touch with your sensual side. Best of all, you can take your new moves home for a little extracurricular practice; it might be the one time you enjoy letting your partner watch you break a sweat!

Here are our top five choices for ways to stay fit while putting a little va-voom back into your love life:

Take Traditional Dance Lessons

Exercises, LibidoBesides being undeniably sexy, fast-paced dances like the salsa can burn up to 400 calories hourly, making them ideal for a fun workout. The best thing about dance lessons is that most participants are beginners and everyone is there to learn, so there's no pressure to polish your moves before participating. This is one great way to burn calories along with your loved one, and taking dance lessons together is also a great way to bond and increase intimacy and boost your sex drive while helping each other stay in shape!

Try a Vertical Workout

Pole dancing is not just for burlesque venues anymore! Recently popular across the nation, pole dancing classes can help you build killer muscle tone while also gaining confidence in your body and body movements, all of which can boost your sex drive. Best of all, performing the sexy moves can actually help put you in the mood, even if you're the one taking the lesson! And we guarantee this is one exercise program your significant other won't mind being a captive audience for if you want to practice at home!

Learn to Zumba

Zumba, the dance craze that originated in Columbia and recently hit the U.S., is best described by the translation of the word zumba itself, which literally means "move fast." A combination of fast-paced aerobics and Latin and hip-hop dance moves, zumba will start your heart racing, your body dripping and your muscles pumping. Aside from giving you a great workout, zumba is ultimately a lot of fun and a great way to learn some sexy new moves while you boost your sex drive.

Break Out the Hula Hoop

Remember the fun you had as a kid, gyrating like crazy while trying to keep that plastic hoop up around your waist? You didn't know it then, but those types of hip-wiggling moves are great for your abs and for building a strong, sexy core. Besides being a blast from the past, hula hooping is also a great calorie-burner, using up to 500 calories an hour—that is, if you can keep the hoop going around and around your waist for that long!

Shake Your Hips

Although it's not as overtly sexual as shimmying up and down a pole, there's no dance more subtly sexy than the belly dance. With mesmerizing hip-shaking the main move of this centuries-old Middle Eastern tradition, your belly and core are sure to get a great workout. It's hard to believe that just shaking your hips can help keep you in shape, but not only does belly dancing burn approximately 350 calories an hour, it can also boost your self-image and make you feel sexier!

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