How does Macabido work? How long do I have to take Macabido before I see results? In this article, we'll go into detail about some of our most frequently received questions about Macabido, the proven natural solution for better libido and more energy.

Where does maca root come from?

We Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About Macabido 2Maca, known to science as Lepidium meyenii, is a cruciferous vegetable in the mustard family that's related to turnips and radishes. It grows exclusively in the highlands of the Andes Mountains in Peru and does not occur naturally anywhere else in the world. It has been cultivated by native Peruvian peoples for thousands of years because it is one of only two crops, alongside the potato, that are hardy enough to grow in the harsh and rocky mountains.

What does Macabido do?

As the name implies, the main purpose of Macabido is to help maintain healthy libido and sexual desire. Many people who take Macabido find that it helps improve a low sex drive that may have been diminished by fatigue, stress, illness or aging. However, it also provides the benefits of heightened energy and well-being as well as reduced stress, making it a useful supplement for anyone.

Is Macabido all-natural?

Yes, Macabido is all-natural. The active ingredients in both the men's and women's formulas include natural botanicals and naturally occurring nutrients. Even the inactive ingredients are all-natural; some are derived from vegetable oils, while some are mined from the earth. There are no strange or little-tested man-made chemicals or additives to worry about when you take Macabido.

Who should use Macabido?

Anyone who needs more energy and/or wants to improve their sex life can benefit from Macabido. This includes those who feel tired all the time, have a lower sex drive than they would like to have, as well as those who find that the stress and fatigue of daily life interfere with their sexual desire and performance.

How do I take Macabido? How long can I use Macabido?

We recommend that you take two capsules daily: One in the morning and one in the evening. You can take Macabido as long as you want as it's safe, natural and non-habit-forming.

How long does it take for Macabido to work?

As with any other herbal medicine, it's hard to predict how long it will take for an individual taking Macabido to experience results. That being said, the average time to start noticing some degree of change is around two weeks. Macabido can take up to three months to reach its fullest effect. Consistently taking the full recommended dosage every day and not forgetting to take it any days will help you to experience your results as quickly as possible.

How does Macabido work to increase libido and energy?

We Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions About MacabidoMacabido works to increase energy and boost libido due to its potent blend of herbs that are known to nourish the body, improve sexual desire, help the body better deal with external stressors, support optimal blood flow and reduce feelings of tiredness or fatigue. As for the main ingredient, maca root, it is currently unknown exactly how maca increases sex drive. Studies show that although it increases libido, it has no effect on human sex hormones, but works through some other mechanism not yet discovered by researchers. Medical science is still trying to catch up with the wisdom of this ancient herbal medicine.

Is Macabido safe? Are there any side effects?

A large-scale study on the Macabido product found no significant side effects to be concerned about when taking Macabido. A very small number of people in the study experienced mild upset stomach, but this went away quickly. Almost all people who take Macabido will experience no negative side effects whatsoever.

The exception to this is if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the product. If this is the case, don't use Macabido. If you have try Macabido and think you experience an allergic reaction to it, stop using it immediately and talk to your doctor.

How is Macabido different than other maca products?

Macabido contains a more potent, concentrated maca root extract than most other maca products on the market, making it more effective. Plus, unlike other maca products, it has two different specially designed formulas for men and women. This is a very important difference, as men and women have very different hormonal profiles and physiology, thus different needs when it comes to boosting energy, libido and feelings of well-being.

Many manufacturers of supplements claim that their product has been clinically tested when in reality only the individual ingredients have studies behind them, or the products were tested on animals such as mice and rats. However, unlike other maca formulas on the market, Macabido has been clinically tested on humans. A large-scale study found that Macabido boosted libido and energy in 92 percent of study participants.

Other Questions About Macabido

We are always happy to answer questions or provide more information about Macabido, the proven, effective solution for better libido and more energy. If you have any questions about Macabido, feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-855-542-4361. 

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