Damiana is a wild plant known to grow in places such as Mexico, Central America and specific locations in the Caribbean rim. Extracts of this shrub have been used traditionally for therapeutic purposes and employed to help conditions like digestive problems and hormonal imbalance. That said, this natural remedy, which is also scientifically referred to as Damiana aphrodisiaca, is most well-known for its wide use as an aphrodisiac.

Today, damiana is harvested and exported throughout the world for a variety of purposes. In recent times, damiana has witnessed increasing popularity and usage as a natural libido booster. Here, we will examine the various causes of low libido in women, and how some women might find success using damiana for low libido.

The Causes of Low Libido in Women

A declining sex drive in women may be precipitated by numerous medical, natural and aesthetic issues. Below, we will examine just a few of the

Medical Conditions

Various ailments impacting the reproductive or sexual tracts, in addition to the glands and organs comprising the endocrine system, could adversely impact libido. Damage or disease to any one of these bodily regions might precipitate hormonal imbalances of which decreased sex drive could be a symptom.

Poor Lifestyle Choices

The consumption of an unhealthy diet rich in potentially harmful products like sugar, fat or salt could ultimately affect hormonal balance or lead to illnesses that result in the fatigue that might also contribute to a lack of libido. Moreover, bad habits such as smoking, ingesting illicit substances or drinking alcohol excessively could cause similar issues.

Common Lifestyle Fatigue

Often, life's everyday pressures, as well as the physical and emotional demands of a career, raising children or executing the numerous responsibilities many women have can render many too tired to engage in intercourse.


The ingestion of several common medication prescribed to abate common ailments might produce hormonal changes or elicit symptoms that make those using them too tired to engage in sex or exhibit disinterest in the activity.

Body Image Issues

Certain women might not take joy in their physical appearance. Such circumstances could result in said individuals feeling ugly or unappealing. These feelings might eventually manifest in diminished libido.


This natural life stage happens to all women who reach their late forties or early fifties when their sexual and reproductive organs cease production of the hormones essential to the occurrence of menstrual cycles and the ability to bear children. As the event progresses, impacted women experience a greater decrease of hormonal production and when it ends, witness very little or, quite possibly, no further hormonal production.

Mental or Emotional Distress

Certain women coping with personal, financial, mental or health-related anxiety might also be stricken with low libido.

Damiana for Low Libido

Investigating the Benefits of Damiana for Low Libido in Women 1Damiana is believed to produce several benefits that could enhance a woman's libido such as:

Increasing Calm and Aiding in Relaxation

Damiana is thought to possess relaxation-increasing properties that might result in fewer incidents and less severe bouts of anxiety and tension. A less-stressed woman is more likely to regain her interest in sex.

Improving Mood

The herb is also believed to serve as mood-enhancer. A better mental outlook could also stimulate a woman's sex drive.

Stimulating Circulation

Damiana is said to enhance blood circulation to a woman's sexual organs. Increased blood flow could enhance libido by strengthening the sexual and reproductive tracts.

Enhancing Energy Levels

Some health professionals opine that repeated intake of damiana can significantly increase a woman's energy levels. Increased energy can help stricken individuals overcome the fatigue that might inhibit their sexual desires, as well as infuse the jolt needed to help them exercise more, achieve a fitter body and overcome the poor body image that may also contribute to libido struggles.

Products That Contain Damiana

Damiana can be found in numerous liquid and capsule preparations that are available for purchase online or at common pharmacy or nutritional supplement chains. One common nutritional supplement that contains damiana is Macabido Women's Formula. Macabido contains all-natural damiana, in addition to numerous other natural products designed to increase libido and boost energy levels.

It is important to reiterate that diminished libido could be precipitated by many different causes and conditions. Prior to beginning any therapeutic protocol, an afflicted woman might consider first undergoing a thorough medical evaluation by their doctor. Should the decline in sex drive be the manifestation of a medical condition, a physician can prescribe appropriate treatment that might lessen the severity of the ailment or eliminate altogether.

Moreover, before using damiana to treat any related libido-diminishing issue, it may also be advisable for a woman to discuss appropriate dosages with her physician. Necessary or recommended applications of the substance could hinge on several different factors including the woman's age, the specific libido-damaging precipitator, the severity of said factor and her general health.

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