Many people suffer from fatigue and wonder how to boost their energy levels. There are several ways to do this naturally without the negative side effects of sugar and caffeine.

What would you do if you had more energy? Could you earn more money, try new hobbies, or spend more time with loved ones? Many modern people are searching for the secret of how to boost energy. Here are several tried and true methods that are backed by science to give you the energy you need. 

Avoid Energy-Draining Substances

Many people turn to caffeine to get an extra bump of energy. However, this does not come without a cost. Caffeine is addictive; people who use it develop a tolerance quickly and must ingest more and more to get the effect they desire. In addition, caffeine has a wide variety of side effects including heart palpitations, excessive sweating, headache and insomnia. In the long run, caffeine may actually deplete your energy and does so at a cost.

Others turn to sugar for a quick energy boost. This should be avoided as much as possible. Sugar may make you feel more energetic for a while, but the crash from eating too much sugar will leave you even more tired than before. Most experts recommend that people seeking more energy actually avoid caffeine, sugar and other stimulants that can cause a net loss of energy. 

Eat a Healthy Diet

Healthy food can do more to cure fatigue, low libido, sexual dysfunction and other health problems than any energy drink. Your body is dependent on proteins as building blocks for hormones and vitamins as cofactors for vital cell processes. People who eat a balanced diet, with lean protein, complex carbohydrates and plenty of vitamins have more energy and lead healthier lives.


It seems counterintuitive that exercise would give us more energy, considering that we have to use up some of our limited energy to work out. However, studies have found that exercise indeed is a potent weapon in the battle against low energy. A meta-analysis found that exercise increases energy more than stimulants among all populations, while another study found that it even increases libido.

How to Boost Energy with Natural Herbal Supplements

How to Boost Energy Naturally Without Sugar or Caffeine 1If diet and exercise aren't enough to cure your fatigue, there are several herbal options that can give you the energy you need. Many people wondering how to boost energy have found these ancient remedies to be the answer. Not only have these been proven in research trials to provide energy, but they also have been used throughout human history successfully. 

Maca is a South American root that has been proven to boost energy while helping to maintain healthy hormone balance. Eleuthero has been used by people in ancient civilizations through modern professional athletes to increase energy and stamina. Ginkgo biloba is used to increase energy and also to improve mental function and clarity, both of which can suffer when a person is fatigued. Last but not least, ginseng has been used for millennia to improve both energy and sexual function, due to compounds that increase metabolism. 

Formulated with these powerful herbal extracts, vitamins and nutritional elements and more, Macabido Women’s and Men’s Formulas are specifically designed to work in conjunction with the body chemistry to help maintain or regain performance, increase energy levels, soothe stress and strengthen other aspects of overall health.

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Not only will these methods give you more energy, they will lead to a healthier lifestyle as well. Many people try unhealthy means of getting more energy and conquering fatigue when there are gentle, natural ways. A combination of healthy lifestyle and herbal supplements is enough to help most people achieve the vitality they desire.

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