Despite their wild popularity, medical research has found that energy drinks harm blood vessels and may have other adverse health impacts. Learn more about exactly what energy drinks are, the harmful impact these beverages can have on your body and recent research chronicling how energy drinks may be detrimental to your blood vessels and heart.

What Are Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks Harm Blood Vessels, Endanger Heart 2Many manufacturers of energy drinks maintain that these beverages contain essential nutrients that are believed to enhance the consumer's energy level, as well as increase specific cognitive functions such as memory and concentration abilities. Moreover, the popularity of these products is quite high, especially with young people. The National Institute Of health reports that among teens and young adults energy drinks are second only to multivitamins in terms of usage as a dietary supplement.

Though these beverages are said to contain certain important vitamins and nutrients, some of the ingredients comprising specific products might have the potential to produce harmful effects, especially if consumed repeatedly or in high dosages.

The Potential Dangers of Sports Drinks

Medical researchers and health care professionals concerned with the public's increasing consumption of energy drinks believe, perhaps erroneously, that the majority of their potential harmful impacts are due to the elevated sugar and caffeine content these products often contain. Though increased systemic concentrations of sugar and caffeine can bolster sagging energy and strength levels, these substances might also precipitate undesirable social behaviors like increased aggression and mental health manifestations such as anxiety and depression.

That said, repeated or excessive consumption of energy drinks might also cause significant, perhaps life-threatening internal health concerns. Certain individuals who have ingested these beverages over an extended period of time have experienced ailments including digestive problems linked to stomach inflammation, obesity, chronic fatigue, kidney problems and high blood pressure.

Energy Drinks and Alcohol Consumption

Considering the popularity of energy drinks amongs young adults, such products are often consumed on college campuses. However, this has precipitated a disturbing trend in which many young people mix sports drinks with alcohol. Some college students engage in these practices because they believe energy drinks can limit the intoxicating influences of alcohol and help them maintain high levels of energy for an extended duration.

That said, this rationale could produce significant dangers. Medical professionals suggest that people who use energy drinks for such purposes do not realize that masking the effects of alcohol do not really reduce the systemic impact of the substance. Such circumstances could lead to individuals consuming more alcohol because they do not feel drunk or partaking in actions like driving because their reflexes and inhibitions are still satisfactory. These behaviors could precipitate incidents of alcohol poisoning and potentially fatal events such as automobile accidents.

How Energy Drinks Harm Blood Vessels

Energy Drinks Harm Blood Vessels, Endanger Heart 1Researchers representing the University of Texas concluded that, for some individuals, the consumption of a single energy drink may precipitate serious risk to their blood vessels and the ingestion of as little as two energy drinks per day could eventually precipitate heart problems.

These scientists studied the impact energy drink consumption had on the cardiovascular systems of more than 40 medical students. Researchers first measured the baseline function of the subjects' blood vessels and then instructed the participants to drink a 24-ounce energy-boosting beverage. After a 90-minute interval, the examiners once again measured the baseline function of their blood vessels and discovered that their arteries experienced diminished dilation capabilities and decreased blood circulation.

Despite these disturbing findings, researchers are not claiming that energy drink consumption should be stopped or banned. However, many health care professionals do opine that these discoveries prove that further research on the safety of energy drinks is needed.

How to Safely and Naturally Bolster Energy Levels

With the preceding information in mind, it's not a bad idea to explore other means of safely and naturally increasing energy levels, including the following:

Exercise More

Physical activity is believed to help the body release energy-stimulating hormones and aid systemic synthesis of oxygen.

Alter Dietary Habits

Energy levels may be bolstered through the consumption of a healthy diet and eating several smaller meals per day instead of three large ones.

Remain Hydrated

Consuming large quantities of water is vital to increasing and maintaining energy levels. Dehydration often results in muscle cramping and weakness.

Sleep Consistently

Healthcare professionals recommend that individuals obtain at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Restless sleep or lack thereof is a significant contributor to decreasing energy levels.

Limit Exposure to Stress

Prolonged periods of stress lead to an increased bodily concentration of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. These substances can cause tiredness and weakness over time. Medical professionals suggest that those experiencing periods of increased tension engage in a pleasing hobby whenever time permits.

Avoid Poor Lifestyle Habits

Actions like smoking and consuming excessive quantities of alcohol introduce potentially harmful elements into the body that can threaten how vital systems perform and eventually lead to decreased energy levels.

Augment Diet With Natural Supplements

Many readily available supplements contain extracts from natural products like plants or herbs that possess energy-bolstering properties. One such product is Macabido. Macabido contains only natural energy boosting elements such as ginseng, maca and gingko biloba. These natural substances have been clinically proven to enhance energy levels in both women and men. Macabido is available for purchase online or at many well-known pharmacy or nutritional supplement chains.

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