There are numerous nutritional supplements and foods for sex. Here, we will discuss the many nutrients and foods that can enhance your sex life, as well the biological processes that make such actions possible.

Top Foods for Sex

Sexual enhancement can be divided into three categories: libido, the stimulation of blood circulation to sexual and reproductive organs and the ability to maintain the stamina necessary to regularly engage in pleasurable sexual encounters.

Libido Enhancers

A diminished sex drive can be precipitated by a variety of emotional and biological factors like heightened exposure to stress, mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, a decline in hormonal production (in women, hormonal levels are often impacted by a naturally-occurring life stage known as menopause), illnesses that elicit hormonal imbalances, the use of specific medications, failing to receive adequate rest and a poor diet.

In certain instances, those afflicted with a low libido might find relief by consuming certain foods, including:


Nuts, especially walnuts and pine nuts, contain the nutrient known as zinc, which is thought to increase the sex drive.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is rife with chemicals called phenylethylamines, which promote the brain's release of substances called endorphins. These substances improve mood and often stimulate a person's interest in sex.


Medical professionals and nutritionists opine that this type of shellfish enhances bodily production of vital sexual and reproductive hormones like testosterone and estrogen. Lessening systemic concentrations of either of these substances has been clinically proven to precipitate a drop in libido.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Believe it or not it’s true! According to a study conducted at Chicago’s Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, the scent of vanilla helped relax men and helped them shed their inhibitions.

Two substances found in ice cream, calcium and phosphorous, can enhance your libido and help you last longer in bed. Also, the calcium assists you in achieving powerful orgasms, as it strengthens the muscles that control ejaculation.

Circulation Enhancers


Beef, chicken and pork contain various nutrients that are known to stimulate blood flow to sexual organs.


This fish contains high quantities of Omega-3 fatty acid. Many medical professionals and nutritionists believe that this source of healthy fatty acids improves overall bodily blood circulation by promoting healthy cholesterol levels. Uninterrupted blood flow may help protect against erectile dysfunction while also increasing blood flow to a woman's erogenous zones such, as the nipples and clitoris.


These healthy fruits are rife with a chemical called quercetin, which has been known to prevent men from experiencing inflamed prostates. The prostate is pertinent to a man's ability to have an erection and ejaculate sperm. Inflammation in this organ can precipitate pain throughout the reproductive tract and result in painful intercourse.


Top Foods And Supplements for Enhancing Your Sex Life 1This commonly used spice possesses natural blood-thinning properties that makes blood flow more easily and increases this life-liquid's ability to reach sexual organs with greater speed and efficiency.


Various fruits, particularly oranges and blueberries contain significant amounts of systemically-beneficial chemicals called flavonoids. Research conducted has shown men who consume greater quantities of these substances had less trouble achieving erections and experienced fewer incidents of erectile dysfunction than those men whose diets lack them.

Grains And Legumes

These foods are known to contain compounds that may help destroy harmful cholesterol, which can eventually manifest as the plaque that collects inside arteries and can inhibit blood flow in impacted blood vessels.

Sexual Stamina Boosters


The consumption of many different kinds of fruits (bananas, citrus fruits, grapes) is integral to maintaining sexual stamina. The reason for this is that these types of produce contain nutrients that not only increases energy levels but also help fight disease, improve mood and enhance mental clarity.

Peanut Butter

This product contains increased amounts of monounsaturated fats. Those chemicals are crucial to the brain's release of dopamine. Dopamine enhances mood, improves emotional states and increases the yearning to engage in intercourse more often and for longer duration.


Top Foods And Supplements for Enhancing Your Sex Life 2This commonly consumed beverage possesses stimulant properties that enhance the body's ability to burn calories at a quicker pace. Such an action might be of particular concern to individuals seeking longer and more pleasurable intercourse.


Legumes like garbanzos, kidney and black beans are rife with energy-boosting chemicals like potassium and fiber that are noted for their ability to increase overall systemic energy levels and sexual stamina.

Top Supplements For Sex

In addition to the previously mentioned foods, there are many nutrients that can help enhance an individual's sexual experience. That said, everyone's diet is different and some people may need to augment their diet and consumption of these important substances through the use of natural supplements.

One natural supplement that contains a plethora of sex-enhancing nutrients is Macabido. Macabido Men's and Women's formulas contain libido-stimulating, energy enhancing ingredients that can also promote healthy blood flow, such as ginkgo biloba, fenugreek, maca, muira puama, saw palmetto, passion flower, avena sativa, zinc, l-tyrosine, damiana, ginger, tribulus and niacin.

In addition to users being able to consume all of these natural nutrients in one healthy and safe product, Macabido is sold in both Men's and Women's Formulas. Each preparation is created to work in tandem with each sex's body chemistry. Moreover, Macabido is clinically proven to improve those struggling with low libido. A study conducted by German researchers examined 60 men and 60 women. One-quarter of the participants were administered Macabido. Those who received Macabido reported a vast improvement in their libido versus test subjects who were administered either a placebo or products containing only maca (one of Macabido's primary ingredients).

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