In this brief article, we will take a look at the reasons bodily concentrations of testosterone decrease in both men and women, why maintaining sufficient levels of the hormone is important and numerous ways those suffering from diminished amounts of testosterone can work to bring hormone levels back into balance.

What Causes Testosterone Levels to Decrease?

7 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally 1Blood concentrations of testosterone might drop for a variety of reasons. In men, among the most common causes of this biological phenomenon is age. After age 30 bodily production of this chief male sexual and reproductive hormone naturally and gradually lessens. In certain instances, however, this drop can be significant and rapid precipitating a medical condition known as andropause. Less common causes for low testosterone include various illnesses, particularly those impacting hormone-producing glands and organs.

Though thought of as primarily a male hormone, testosterone plays an important role in a woman's body as well and women can be impacted by low levels of this substance. There are a number of precipitating factors that may result in a woman experiencing this condition including age, diminished levels of progesterone (a female hormone that executes a crucial role in testosterone production in women), the use of oral contraceptives and several reproductive tract ailments.

Why is Maintenaning Sufficient Testosterone Levels So Critical?

This hormone impacts many male bodily systems and functions. Arguably, the chemical's most important function is driving a man's sexuality. Not only does the substance foster the growth and function of a man's sexual organs but also promotes his libido. Low testosterone levels can precipitate bothersome, possibly life-altering manifestations like sexual performance problems and a waning interest in sex. However, testosterone is also vital to the formation and growth of a man's muscles, bone strength, weight maintenance, red blood cell production, mental clarity and mood.

Low testosterone could also produce noticeable manifestations in women. These symptoms can often be decreased libido, fatigue, weight gain and mood swings.

Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally


Many medical professionals opine that moderate physical activity a couple times per week such as brisk walking or light weight training triggers the brain to signal the body to produce increased amounts of testosterone. That said, these same experts also caution that exercise should be undertaken in moderation because overexertion could precipitate a drop in testosterone concentrations.

Take Stock of Specific Medications

A sometimes overlooked cause of low testosterone is medication. Drugs that contain certain opioid compounds and steroids could potentially decrease systemic measurements of testosterone. Individuals adhering to therapeutic protocols requiring the use of medications containing any one of these drugs are advised to speak with their physicians if they experience manifestations of diminished testosterone. Should a doctor confirm that the preparation is causing the hormonal decline, he or she might be able to either alter dosage so that it does not influence hormonal balance or identify and prescribe another suitable treatment option that does not impact testosterone levels.

Obtain an Adequate Amount Of Sleep

Sleep is crucial to testosterone production. Clinical research has shown that those subjects who averaged anywhere from seven to nine hours of rest per night were found to have higher levels of testosterone.

Limit Stress

7 Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally 2Heightened states of tension and anxiety are thought to elicit bodily release of cortisol. Scientists claim this chemical, also nicknamed the "stress hormone," inhibits the production and release of testosterone. Ergo, people are encouraged to find a relaxing activity and engage in it as often as time permits.

Make Dietary Changes

Numerous physicians and nutritionists suggest eliminating or greatly curtailing sugar intake. Increased consumption of sugar is said to increase the body's insulin levels. Much like cortisol, insulin tends to decrease testosterone levels. Eating foods containing healthy fats is also important as such products help stimulate testosterone production.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Research dating back to the 1980s suggests that the excessive intake of alcoholic beverages reduces testosterone levels and, in extreme instances, might even convert testosterone to estrogen.

Take Supplements Containing Testosterone-Supporting Nutrients

Nutritionists suggest augmenting a healthy diet with supplements that contain testosterone-promoting ingredientsZinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium and ginger extracts are among the nutrients and naturally found products most crucial to testosterone production. Individuals can ensure their bodies receive these nutrients by eating foods that contain them or ingest supplements rife with such substances.

One particular supplement of note is Macabido. Macabido contains zinc, magnesium, Vitamin D, ginger and a host of other natural plant extracts and nutrients vital to the production and maintenance of testosterone. In addition, Macabido is made in both a Men's Formula and a Women's Formula. Each specific product is designed to work in accordance with each sex's body chemistry.

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