In modern culture, there are still many taboos surrounding openly talking about sex. As a result, many of us are completely unaware when it comes to many aspects of sex and sexuality. Here are some interesting sex facts that every woman should know.

1. Oxytocin Floods the Body After Orgasm

Oxytocin, a hormone responsible for love and emotional bonding, floods your body during and after orgasm. This happens in both men and women and brings the two partners closer emotionally. Cuddling after sex prolongs the oxytocin release. You can take advantage of this biological phenomenon by intentionally cuddling more after you've made love. Research has proven that cuddling more after sex increases your sexual satisfaction as well as your relationship satisfaction.

2. Your Brain Shuts Down During Orgasm

Levels of brain activity decrease substantially when you climax. In particular, the areas of your brain responsible for fear and anxiety almost completely shut down. Plus, anyone who has had an orgasm before can report that this anti-anxiety effect leaves you with a clear head for some time after orgasm as well. This makes having some satisfying sex a good fix for anxiety and stress. Although men's brain activity also decreases during the climax, the effect is not nearly as pronounced.

3. Cold Feet Can Put a Damper on Sex

One of the sex facts that people think about least is that many aspects of your lovemaking environment can impact satisfaction. Comfort is key! This is reflected in the fact that you are more likely to have an orgasm if you're wearing socks. A study from the Netherlands found that 50 percent of the female participants who went barefoot during sex had an orgasm. When the researchers had the women wear socks, the number jumped to 80 percent.

4. Scent Plays a Bigger Role in Attraction than You May Realize

Deodorant only became a common toiletry item in the early 1900s, and this was mostly due to the marketing efforts of companies trying to sell their product. So, the idea that body odor is repulsive and unattractive is a fairly recent invention. Our bodies have a different opinion! Science proves that male sweat sexually arouses women. One study, done at the University of California at Berkeley, had 48 women sniff vials of androstadienone, a chemical found in men's sweat. Doing this caused the women to become sexually aroused and have a better mood, higher heart rate, higher blood pressure and higher breathing rate. Men, too, are at least subconsciously attracted to your natural female scent, especially while you are ovulating.

5. Long-Term Relationships Can Still Be Passionate

There is a popular idea in Western culture that after many decades, it is inevitable that the passion in a relationship will fizzle out. However, research shows that this is simply not the case and that long-term relationships are often still full of romantic passion. So, if you've always assumed that many years of a partnership will put out the "spark," put that idea out of your head: Such pessimism will only sabotage your love life.

6. One of the Most Crucial Sex Facts: You Don't Have to Live with Low Libido

The romantic love in a relationship doesn't have to fade, and neither does sex drive. Although some people do experience a drop in libido as they get older, this is certainly not inevitable. Traditional herbal medicines are surprisingly effective for libido. Try formulas containing scientifically proven supplements like maca, ginseng, fenugreek and zinc.

7. Birth Control Can Cause Low Libido...

At least 15 percent of women experience low libido when taking birth control pills. There is nearly a one in six chance of this occurring, so it is not exactly a rare side effect. If you haven't been feeling as amorous since you started the pill, consider switching to a different contraception method that does not influence your hormone levels.

8. ...As Well as Depression!

Low libido is not the only negative effect of the hormone imbalance that birth control pills can cause. One very large study, looking at data from one million women in Denmark over a period of 14 years, found that using hormonal contraception increases depression risk by 40 percent. Although not every woman who uses this type of birth control method will get depression, it's important to be aware of the risk and to stop using hormonal birth control if you suspect it may be interfering with your moods.

9. Having an Orgasm Makes You More Creative

Having satisfying sex on a regular basis will help you bond with your partner, relieve stress and promote relaxation. Yet another benefit is that studies have shown that orgasms can make you more creative.

10. Body Insecurities Are Unfounded

Among these sex facts, here's one that can have profound implications: When you don't feel good about your body, it can get in the way of your enjoyment of sex. Studies show it can even decrease your relationship satisfaction. However, it's beneficial to your sex life to leave your insecurities beside. Things you perceive as imperfections almost never bother your partner as much as they bother you. The same goes the other way around: Men also are prone to being insecure about things their partner really doesn't mind. For example, one study of 50,000 heterosexual men and women found that although 45 percent of men were unhappy with their penis size, only 15 percent of women actually cared.

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