Have you ever heard about Tantra? If you are looking for a way to improve your sex life, this practice may be right for you, as it offers many benefits.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient system of beliefs that originated in India over 6,000 years ago. It emerged as a form of rebellion against the dominant religions of the times, which dictated earthly pleasures must be forsaken in order to reach enlightenment and true happiness. The goal of Tantric practices is basically to connect with a higher power through everyday means. Under this belief system, pleasurable acts of the mundane world such as dancing, creative work, eating and sex were all ways to connect with the spiritual world. Tantra was quite a contrast from the ascetic ideals of other belief systems at the time.

Tantra is a complex spiritual belief system. As Tantra has become more and more popular in the Western world, it also becomes more and more misunderstood. When most Westerners think of "Tantra," they think of Tantric sex. Tantric sex is a philosophy about lovemaking that can help you reclaim the pure pleasure and intimacy you may have lost touch with. However, in reality, the sexual rites of Tantra were only practiced by a small minority of followers throughout history.

Although there is much more to Tantra than just sex, you absolutely can still use Tantric sex principles to increase libido and create more pleasure and bliss in your life. You don't need to delve into the esoteric spirituality of Tantra to use it practically, nor do you need to believe in any of the deities of the Indian pantheon. Tantric sex techniques can be practiced by any couple that wants to give it a try.

How Can I Use Tantra to Improve My Sex Life?

There are a couple of basic Tantric principles that you can easily implement. The first is to simply slow down and enjoy every moment of pleasure. When most people make love, there is a definitive beginning and end, and they make love with the goal of orgasm in mind. However, in Tantric sex, you experience the pleasure for its own sake without purposefully trying to reach orgasm. In fact, many Tantric practitioners actually intentionally delay orgasm in order to extend the blissful sexual union. Rather than trying to "get off," the focus during Tantric sex is to connect deeply with your partner and to truly experience the exquisiteness of sexual pleasure in an unhurried fashion.

When practicing Tantric sex, it's important to stay in the present moment without being distracted. Try to set aside at least an hour to have sex without any interruptions or worries. Another way to slow things down and really enjoy it is to resist the urge to breathe heavily. Slow kisses and tender caresses are very important in building arousal and intimacy.

The other most notable aspect of Tantric sex that you can use in your relationship is the focus around ritual. Tantric sex emphasizes how useful a pre-sex ritual can be. A ritual can be a way to relax, connect with your partner, and build anticipation. It can also simply be enjoyable in its own right.

Of course, rituals will vary from couple to couple. Examples of rituals include bathing together, eating gourmet food together, doing deep breathing or meditation together, or simply gazing into each others' eyes. These rituals will build intimacy and can serve as their own form of foreplay. Also, try decorating the room in a romantic way or wearing sexy lingerie to set the mood even further. There are many resources available online with tons more tips on creating a Tantric sex experience.

The anticipation built by Tantric sex foreplay and rituals can send your libido skyrocketing, even if you didn't think you'd be in the mood. After having Tantric sex, you may realize what you've been missing! There's no risk in giving it a try, and it could make a huge difference in your sexual satisfaction.

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