Have you ever experienced a “senior moment”? You know, one of those moments when you completely forget where you were or what you were doing? Forgetfulness comes with age and most people will experience these senior moments at some time in their lives. However, just because it happens once or twice doesn’t mean it has to become an everyday occurrence. By keeping your mind healthy, you can stave off these senior moments. The following are five mind-sharpening activities you should start doing today in order to keep your mind healthy and working effectively.

1. Crossword Puzzles

Crossword puzzles are one of the best mind-sharpening activities available. Not only do they challenge your trivia on a variety of topics, but they also challenge your spelling, too. You can start off with some easier crossword puzzles to get your mind used to the constant challenge. Once you’ve started, you can then move on to working on some harder crossword puzzles for some extra challenge.

2. Read

Reading is a great way to keep your mind healthy. Reading fiction forces you to use your imagination, which can help to strengthen your mind. Plus, reading—no matter what genre—will also force you to use your cognitive skills for comprehension. If you opt to read non-fiction books, you could also strengthen your mind by teaching yourself something new. Maybe you are learning about a specific period of time, event or individual. Either way, you will strengthen your mind by increasing your amount of knowledge.

3. Trivia Games

Senior Moments, Mind-Sharpening ActivitiesPlaying or participating in trivia games is another way to keep your mind sharp. Get your friends and family together and play popular trivia games like Trivial Pursuit. This is a great way to not only challenge your mind, but it’s also a great way to have some fun quality time with the family. You could also watch trivia games on TV, such as Jeopardy. Try to answer the questions to keep your mind sharp. Even if you get the answer wrong, you will still take in a great deal of knowledge. There are also plenty of online trivia games you can play on your own schedule to help keep your mind sharp and entertained.

4. Sudoku

Sudoku is another puzzle game that can strengthen your mind. This game forces you to find the best possible solution to the puzzle and you will constantly wrack your brain in search of the answer. Like crossword puzzles, sudoku comes in different levels, so you can opt to start with an easy puzzle to become acquainted with the game. Once you’ve mastered the easy puzzles, you can move on to harder puzzles for an even stronger challenge.

5. Physical Activity

Physical activity is another great way to keep your mind healthy. In order to have a healthy mind, you need to ensure that your body is working properly and that you have enough energy. Regular exercise will help to keep blood flowing to your brain cells, and this will help to strengthen your mind. Plus, regular physical activity will keep the rest of your body healthy, allowing your brain to focus on the other games and puzzles you’re working on.

Guest Author: Meyling Lau is a freelance writer with a creative ability to combine personal experience and research into entertaining, educational articles on a wide range of topics.

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