Research, update, macabido, libidoWe are proud to announce that the results of the Macabido® clinical trial have recently been published in FRAUENARZT, the official journal of the German Society of Gynecologists. In summary, the study proves that the unique, balanced blend of herbs and amino acids in Macabido® is a more effective libido booster than maca and other individual ingredients like ginseng, ginkgo or royal jelly. Macabido® was also shown to increase sex drive, libido and general well-being in both men and women.

Today, low libido and lack of sex drive affect more and more of the aging population. In many cases, it's difficult to pinpoint the root of these concerns. Because the cause can't always be attributed to hormonal imbalance, treatments like hormone replacement therapy do not always prove effective.

In this significant study, the combination of medicinal herbs and amino acids in Macabido® was shown to help increase libido and sex drive, regardless of root cause. In addition to being a confirmed libido booster, Macabido® was shown to be safe and well-tolerated by test participants.

All-natural libido booster Macabido® contains Macaplex®, a potent maca extract, plus other powerful herbs and amino acids known for their libido and energy-boosting properties. Macabido® is available in both a Men's Formula and a Women's Formula to address the special sexual health needs of both men and women.

Dr. Gerd Jansen, formulator and gynecologist, says: Macabido is the natural way to increase energy and libido, give it a try!”

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