Many adults experience stress-induced low libido. Meditation for low libido is an effective way to improve your sex life and holds many other benefits.

Meditation used to be seen as New-Age "woo," or something for Asian monks in far-away monasteries. Although more and more Westerners have discovered the benefits of this mind-body practice, many are still oblivious to the changes it can make to your life. For busy, stressed adults, a common problem in marriages and relationships is a lack of libido. Meditation is a less-obvious solution to low libido, but it's surprisingly effective.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the ancient practice of training your mind to control your state of consciousness. There is a very wide variety of specific meditation methods, including sitting meditation, walking meditation, mantra meditation and prayer. Meditation can and is practiced by members of all spiritual belief systems. Although the word itself may conjure images of orange robe-clad Buddhist monks sitting around achieving enlightenment, that is only one aspect of the practice. In truth, anyone can use the power of meditation to work towards achievable goals, including stress relief, relaxation, clarity of mind, more energy, solving emotional problems and even improving your sex life.

How Does Meditation for Low Libido Work?

How Meditation for Low Libido Can Improve Your Sex Life 1When the body experiences stress, the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released into the bloodstream, in what is called the "fight-or-flight" response. Among the effects of these hormones is a reduced libido, especially if you are chronically stressed or fatigued. Meditation counteracts the effects of stress on the body by soothing the mind and the nervous system. Regular meditation practice will reduce stress on your body and mind, helping you to feel rested, lighthearted and clear-headed. When these conditions are resolved, your sex drive will likely return to its regular levels.

Besides helping your libido get back to normal when you're over-stressed, meditation holds many other benefits. Those with high blood pressure caused by stress often see an improvement in their blood pressure after starting a regular meditation practice. Studies also suggest that meditation strengthens the immune system, decreases symptoms of insomnia and can be helpful for those trying to quit smoking. Mental benefits of meditation include increased optimism, heightened concentration and worrying less.

I Don't Know Where to Start

Meditation can be as simple as concentrating on the sound and feeling of your breathing, and you can see benefits with as little as five minutes of meditation daily. If you're new to meditation, read books about meditation techniques, seek out online resources, or learn from a meditation teacher. Meditation can be learned by anyone and you'll get better and better at it with practice. Try meditating for five minutes every morning, and when you feel that you've gotten good at it, gradually increase it to 10, 15, or even 20 minutes or more per day. You'll soon begin to see noticeable differences in your state of mind and your stress levels on a daily basis and you'll likely start feeling a little friskier with your partner.

Don't settle for a slump in the bedroom, or for feeling run-down and stressed every day. With a simple, free and accessible technique like meditation, you can see improvements in all areas of your life. Your career, your relationship and your physical health will all thank you.

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