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Maca, a member of the Cruciferae (Brassicaceae) family, is a small tuber native to the central Peruvian highlands that's roughly the size of a ping-pong ball. Rich in sugar, starch, proteins and essential minerals like iron and iodine, maca has been cultivated for thousands of years for its nutritive and medicinal properties. In the ancient Inca culture of Peru, maca was regarded as one of the most powerful medicinal plants; a view still held - or rather rediscovered - by modern scientists.

What Does Maca Do?

Dried maca root has a high nutritive value, similar to cereals like corn and rice. In addition, it contains large quantities of essential amino acids, iron, calcium, alkaloids, magnesium, p-methoxybenzyl, isothiocyanate, phosphorus, saponins, stigmasterol, sitosterol, tannins, zinc, the vitamins B1, B2 and B12 as well as vitamins C and E. The patented extract Macaplex®, an important ingredient in Macabido, contains all of these components at maximum levels of concentration and purity.

Maca's multitude of phytochemicals make it a virtual panacea for health concerns ranging from lack of energy & stamina to hormonal balance, menstrual concerns, and menopause symptoms. Maca is also a great protector of immune system health. Maca is also considered an adaptogen, nutritionally supporting the body's ability to deal with external stressors while helping to maintain overall general health.  Most importantly, maca is a boon for lagging libido, helping to increase sexual desire and arousal.

In ancient times, Inca women took maca to help maintain healthy hormonal balance, healthy libido, and fertility. Maca was used by men for its aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties. Because maca was so beneficial to both women and men, there was scarcely a home without it.

Maca Studies

Numerous studies support maca's nutritional and energy-boosting properties, as well as its use in helping to support healthy fertility. Maca has also been shown to be beneficial in relation to psychological factors relating to sexual performance, such as anxiety and mood. This powerful root also shows promise when it comes to supporting bone health, prostate health, cognitive health, and skin health, specifically in helping to protect the skin against radiation from the sun.

Studies done on the benefits of maca for men have proven it to be a promising solution for helping to maintain sperm health and vitality, and helping to support healthy male fertility in general. In one double-blind, randomized study, it was reported that maca may help support healthy sexuality in men taking certain medications, and to have a beneficial effect on libido.

In one double-blind placebo-controlled study involving healthy adult males, maca was shown to increase sexual desire without affecting levels of sex hormones, anxiety, or mood. Another double-blind placebo-controlled study on men suffering from sexual concerns showed that maca helped improve subjects' perception of their sexual and overall well-being. Another study showed that taking maca for two weeks improved sexual desire in male cyclists.

Maca has been attributed the following properties:

  • Supports healthy libido
  • Promotes healthy fertility in men and women
  • Helps maintain overall healthy energy levels
  • Supports healthy sexual desire and pleasure

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